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Vortex I (Student Edition)

  • The Far Out Story of Vortex I 3 Formats: Amazon's .mobi; ePub; PDF
  • Nestucca Spit Press

Vortex I

  • Includes PDF and ePub Files

Alberta & The Spark Alberta & The Spark

  • In her charming debut novel Alberta & The Spark, Jennifer Nightingale presents an unforgettable character, 13-year old Alberta Evans, whose love of nature is as boundless as her belief in the goodness of all people. Set in a Pacific Northwest oyster town in the 1970s, Alberta struggles with adolescence and finds courage through her unique friendship with 15-year-old Felix, a kindred spirit who approaches the natural world as a scientist, while she reveres it with magical wonder. Together, they confront bullies, racism and disorienting family changes. They persevere and help bring their fractured coastal community together.
  • Alberta & The Spark


  • Introduction: A couple of years ago I asked the question: what if iconic Oregon Governor Tom McCall had become president of the United States instead of Ronald Reagan. I don’t have to wonder any longer, and you don’t either. That’s because my friend, Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall, has written the greatest political novel in Oregon history. In the pages of McCallandia, Nestucca Spit Press’ first published work of fiction, you’ll visit a world where Tom McCall is Nixon’s successor. President McCall brings his unique style, candor and environmental ethic to Washington, and the world changes. For the better. Matt Love

Tom Petty Christmas Mission & Other Holiday Tales

  • Rescuing dogs, rescuing humans, the ocean, pot, booze, Ziggy, an English teacher, beach bonfires, rain, the reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge, hippies, surfers, O. Henry twists. The Tom Petty Christmas Mission & Other Holiday Tales by Matt Love is quite unlike any collection of Christmas stories ever published. In these four tales, Love introduces you to a fashionable Portland couple who try to channel the spirit of Tom Petty on Christmas Eve to save their vapid souls; a young boy who rescues an abused dog for Christmas; a teenage boy from Nebraska who receives the ultimate gift when he sees the ocean for the first time; and a wealthy developer from Los Angeles who comes to Oregon and runs afoul of its unique legacy of publicly-owned beaches.

Rose City Heist

  • On August 21, 1993, Matt Love and his friend became the chief suspects in the biggest jewelry theft in Portland history. No one was ever arrested in the case, the jewelry never recovered. The statute of limitations on the crime, grand larceny, finally expired. At long last, Love is free to confess what really happened in this crazy caper. His confession is called Rose City Heist: A True Crime Portland Tale of Sex, Gravy, Jewelry and Almost Rock and Roll. And it’s all true, meaning creative non-fiction. Rose City Heist unfolds in the languid pre-Portlandia era when Portland wasn’t a coffee or dog or bike or quirky indie rock city. It was a cheap gray town with nothing to do where you never waited in line for anything, especially not to eat breakfast. No one ever talked about beer in public, but you could smell and hear it being produced at the Weinhard’s downtown brewery. There were no sideburns or kickball leagues. Martinis were martinis. Donuts were donuts. Strippers were strippers. The sole food cart served only one item—corndogs—and the server was 70 years old. The plot of Rose City Heist involves Magic Johnson, a German jewelry salesman, a Colombian crime cartel, sex, the Grateful Dead, the FBI, tequila, a substitute teacher who looked like Emily Dickinson but danced like Uma Thurman, a fry cook named Tony, Tony’s magical biscuits and gravy, Tony’s magic mushrooms, a Miranda warning, a high speed chase, and a somewhat obscure movie called The Flight of the Phoenix. It’s a tale so unbelievable that it has to be true.