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Psychedelic Chipmunk

A limited edition, handcrafted children’s book for adults about a magic mushroom-eating chipmunk named Jimmy who teaches a would-be writer how to help struggling people all around him and find a voice and purpose for his writing. (Based on a true story.) $10

Pioneer Pride: An Oregon City Memoir

Pioneer Pride: An Oregon City Memoir is a book published in serialized form on the Nestucca Spit Press Meditations Blog. It chronicles my growing up in Oregon City in the 70s and early 80s and features stories about hackey sack, calligraphy, football, tennis, the Promenade, journalism, salmon, crushes, coaches, text from my journals in high school, and my observing and interacting with a unique Christian sect, the Oregon City Followers of Christ Church, or the Kissers. $10-$20

To read Pioneer Pride go to:

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The Far out Story of Vortex I E-Book

Published in 2004, The Far Out Story of Vortex I, sold out its 2000-copy press run a couple years later. To commemorate Vortex I’s 50th anniversary in 2020, Nestucca Spit Press has produced an E-book version of the book. This E-book version does not include the hundreds of photographs from the original because of their incompatibility with reading on devices and securing permission from the photographers to reprint them in digital form. $3.99

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Oregon Tavern Age

Jim Harrison once wrote: “How can you experience the rich fabric of life in a locale without visiting the bars? The answer is, you can’t.” That statement is the editorial motivation for my latest book, Oregon Tavern Age.

Oregon Tavern Age by Matt Love

Oregon Tavern Age (OTA) is a 64-page tabloid size book-with-in-a-magazine featuring original illustrations that culminates 22 years of writing about the crazy and poignant life that unfolds in Oregon Coast’s dive taverns and bars. I’ve walked into some of my most incredible Oregon stories of all time in these joints and felt compelled to document them because these joints are slowly going extinct in the face of gentrification.

I printed 1000 copies of OTA and will distribute them for free along the Oregon Coast in dive taverns and bars, bookstores, coffee shops, buses, libraries, laundromats, mortuaries, hospital waiting rooms, or wherever else my wanderings transport me. I am also asking those who purchase the publication directly from me to help distribute it in their communities. For $20 (plus $5 postage) I will mail three copies of OTA for you to enjoy and distribute in your favorite places. This is a unique method of distribution but I am excited for its possibilities to reach new readers. You can also purchase one copy for $10 (plus $3 postage).



You can purchase via Paypal through the website or make arrangements to pay by cash or check or some form of barter by emailing me directly. If you decide to help me distribute OTA in this collaborative method, I sense it might become my new distribution model. Thank you.

Matt Love

Nestucca Spit Press’ Newest Releases

SHE-OREGON by Earl Mohr.

In his first volume of dramatic verse, SHE-OREGON, Oregon writer, Earl Mohr, presents a vision of awakening with his relationship to Oregon. In this collection, Mohr explores a variety of themes including the exploitation of Oregon, its land, water, indigenous peoples, and the perceived myths he doesn’t accept. He bends to making up of his own myths.

Alberta & the Spark

In her charming debut novel Alberta & The Spark, Jennifer Nightingale presents an unforgettable character, 13-year old Alberta Evans, whose love of nature is as boundless as her belief in the goodness of all people.

The Bonnie & Clyde Files

The Bonnie & Clyde Files

How Two Senior Dogs Saved a Middle Aged Man

By Matt Love

Read a Chapter from The Bonnie & Clyde Files

A special limited print edition of 300 copies, signed by the author (and dogs), is now selling for $30 (plus shipping). A handmade bookmark will be included.

In 2017, at the age of 53, I experienced an extinction of self. For the first time in my life, I could not get a job, I was nearly broke, and I had no freedom of movement or conscience.

I was an American outcast trapped in a labyrinth known as probation, desperately engaged in the ultimate struggle to stave off marginalization.

There I was, lying on the couch, talking to my dead husky, words echoing through the house that was empty because I had performed terrible hospice care on myself and given away almost everything.

Then I found two senior dogs named Bonnie and Clyde, residents of Angels for Sarah Sancturary, a refuge along the Lewis and Clark River. There, walking two dogs, I resurrected as a human being. I read the river, tracked elk, watched birds, slayed blackberries, skipped rocks, cursed clearcuts, walked in rain and went deep into heretofore unknown areas of my creative mind. With Bonnie and Clyde at my side, I learned important lessons of faith, friendship, family, face-to-face encounters and the timeless remedy of nature, lessons I intuit can enlighten others who experience a cataclysmic personal event.

In The Bonnie and Clyde Files, I merge essay, cultural criticism, memoir, streams of consciousness and poetry to create a hybrid of a genre that is unlike any dog book I have ever read. I wrote on instinct, channeled Walt Whitman, and became a dog to better explore humanity, my country and the treatment of men and women at the hands of the state’s criminal justice system. I wrote to understand all the terrible, bizarre and wonderful things that were happening to me.

I invite you to support my latest literary endeavor by purchasing The Bonnie and Clyde Files direct from Nestucca Spit Press, scheduled for release in the fall of 2018. The book will be unavailable in stores. Half of the profits are earmarked for the Angels for Sarah Sancturary to continue their excellent work.

Customers can use Paypal or make other arrangements for payment by contacting me via email or through this web site. Barter is also accepted.



A special limited print edition of 300 copies, signed by the author is now selling for $30 (plus shipping). A handmade bookmark and bonus short story will also be included.

By Matt Love



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