Of Dogs and Meaning

Of Meaning and Dogs book image

Of Dogs and Meaning

At last, a dog book where the dog doesn’t die.

Finally, a dog book where all dogs live forever.

In Of Dogs and Meaning, Matt Love let’s his creative mind off leash to explore everything real and metaphorically canine in our culture. During this wild, meandering romp, Love leaves his singular marks, call them intellectual whizzes, on a vast, eclectic and entertaining range of subjects connected to dogs.

Love merges multiple literary genres, including essay, meditation, fiction, commentary and memoir to create, well…

a mutt of a book!

A special limited print edition of 300 signed copies sold exclusively on this site and at select Oregon bookstores.

The book costs $20 (with $4 for shipping).

Special price for purchasing two copies: $30 (with $5 for shipping)

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