Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast

Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast


Dear Friends of Nestucca Spit Press and Oregon Literature:

I used to think I was the expert on driftwood forts on the Oregon Coast. That is, until I met James Herman, who has taken it to a new dynamic level with his book, Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast. Nestucca Spit Press will publish this book in the spring and I hope you will continue supporting an independent Oregon press by purchasing a regular or special edition through the web site.

When he began his project, James thought, “I would tell the story of forts and fort building, but I ended up telling more. In fort building I found the story of Oregon.”

James, a native Oregonian from Eugene, graduated from the University of Oregon with an art degree in 2011. He has built forts on Oregon’s beaches his entire life and the 184-page Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast showcases his multi-faceted talents and includes his essays, illustrations, photographs and hand-drawn maps. He also designed the book. Blending reportage, ethnography, meditation, history, art and photojournalism, Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast also serves as a useful and entertaining guide on how to build a driftwood fort. I wrote the introduction and epilogue for the book.

The special edition costs $40 and a purchaser receives a signed and illustrated copy, color fort-types poster, driftwood bookmark, and free membership into the Driftwood Forts Association (including a button). Only 100 copies of the special edition will be available. The regular edition costs $20.

Thanks for considering a purchase of the special edition of Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast. By doing so, you help Nestucca Spit Press support its editorial mission of producing sustainable Oregon literature. Sustainable literature calls for books conceived, written, designed and printed in the state and distributed exclusively through the web site, independent bookstores and at live events.

To order the special or regular editions, please follow the links here where you can use paypal to make a purchase or arrange for another method of payment. You can also order the special or regular editions by sending a check to Nestucca Spit Press, 388 Altadena Ave., Astoria, Oregon 97103.

Matt Love

Publisher of Nestucca Spit Press