Oregon Tavern Age

Jim Harrison once wrote: “How can you experience the rich fabric of life in a locale without visiting the bars? The answer is, you can’t.” That statement is the editorial motivation for my latest book, Oregon Tavern Age.

Oregon Tavern Age by Matt Love

Oregon Tavern Age (OTA) is a 64-page tabloid size book-with-in-a-magazine featuring original illustrations that culminates 22 years of writing about the crazy and poignant life that unfolds in Oregon Coast’s dive taverns and bars. I’ve walked into some of my most incredible Oregon stories of all time in these joints and felt compelled to document them because these joints are slowly going extinct in the face of gentrification.

I printed 1000 copies of OTA and will distribute them for free along the Oregon Coast in dive taverns and bars, bookstores, coffee shops, buses, libraries, laundromats, mortuaries, hospital waiting rooms, or wherever else my wanderings transport me. I am also asking those who purchase the publication directly from me to help distribute it in their communities. For $20 (plus $5 postage) I will mail three copies of OTA for you to enjoy and distribute in your favorite places. This is a unique method of distribution but I am excited for its possibilities to reach new readers. You can also purchase one copy for $10 (plus $3 postage).



You can purchase via Paypal through the website or make arrangements to pay by cash or check or some form of barter by emailing me directly. If you decide to help me distribute OTA in this collaborative method, I sense it might become my new distribution model. Thank you.

Matt Love