Citadel of the Spirit

Citadel of the Spirit

Oregon’s Sesquincentennial Anthology

Edited by Matt Love


Citadel of the Spirit merges past and present Oregon voices to create what Love calls the “literary equivalent of a mix tape,” rather than a traditional greatest hits anthology. “I wanted to produce an unconventional book that integrated the old stories and new perspectives and reflects Oregon’s maverick nature, unquestionably the biggest cultural influence in my life,” said Love.

Citadel of the Spirit boasts an impressive roster of literary talent. Some of the better-known writers who contributed essays for the anthology include: Gina Ochsner, Kathleen Dean Moore, Michael Strelow, David Horowitz, Kim Stafford, Walt Curtis, Ken Babbs, Bart King, Ellen Waterston, Jeff Baker, Kassten Alonso, Katrine Barber, Joanna Rose, Brian Doyle, William Robbins, Melissa Madenski, Cheryl Strayed, Erin Ergen­bright, and Monica Drake. “I like to think this is the most impressive lineup for a project of this type in Oregon’s history,” said Love.

Table of Contents

  1. The Oregon Centennial Anthology – Arthur Kreisman
  2. Citadel of the Spirit: An Introduction – Matt Love
  3. The Land Owns Us – Gina Ochsner
  4. A Key to the Rains of Benton County – Kathleen Dean Moore
  5. Its Great Vigor – A Letter on the Origin of the Himalayan Blackberry by Luther Burbank
  6. The Logic of Wildflowers – Michael Strelow
  7. Meet on the Summit – A Public Call to Form a Mountaineering Club by the Mazamas
  8. Break Every Yoke – A Report on the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Oregon by Abigail Scott Duniway
  9. The KKK in Oregon – Eckard Toy Jr.
  10. Is Attracting the Dissatisfied People of the East – A Newspaper Advertisement Place by the Oregon Land Company God-given Sermonettes – A Memoir of Oregon’s State Parks by Samuel Boardman
  11. From the Dust – Karl Love
  12. This Peaceful Beautiful Land – A Guide to Oregon by the Federal Writers Project
  13. Discovering People’s Art in Oregon – David Horowitz
  14. An Audience so Typically Elizabethan – A Memoir on the Founding of the Oregon Shakespearean Festival by Angus Bowmer
  15. A Coastal Boyhood in Wartime Oregon – Thomas Edwards
  16. It Made You Feel Like Magellan – A Sketch by Ben Hur Lampman
  17. Made in Oregon Lust – Anonymous
  18. The People of Oregon are Sorry – An Apology for Forced Sterilization by Governor John Kitzhaber
  19. “Fire!” – An Essay by Stewart Holbrook
  20. Collecting Oregon’s History – Katrine Barber
  21. Our Man of The Mountain: Oregon’s Glen Coffield and the Grundtvig Folk School – Kim Stafford
  22. We Urge You Not to Return – A Message to Returning Japanese-Americans from the Hood River Post of the American Legion
  23. Reading a Geography – Kaia Sand
  24. This Quasi-Bohemian Reed Subculture – A Letter to Reed Magazine by Ehrick Wheeler
  25. This Man-bear, This Two-headed Creature – A Vignette by Don Berry
  26. Portland Baseball – Erick Mertz
  27. That’s When I Saw It – A Bigfoot Sighting by Dr. Matthew Johnson
  28. One Hundred Years at a Time – Barbara Drake
  29. May Not Permit Any Person – A Law Regulating Dispensing Fuel
  30. The Professor in the Lighthouse – Bob Armstrong
  31. The Free and Uninterrupted Use Thereof – A Brief Documentary History of Oregon’s Publicly-owned Ocean Beaches Compiled by Matt Love
  32. Landmarks and Legacies – Travis Champ
  33. The Surfer is Balanced – A Constitution and Creed by the Kahuna Surf Club
  34. My Kind of Wrath – Niki Price
  35. There Has Been a Great Decrease – A Report on Oregon Fisheries by the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Exploitation Committee
  36. No More Indians’ Salmon – An Essay on Columbia River Dams by Richard Neuberger
  37. Cosmic Spawning – Walt Curtis
  38. To Live as Anachronisms – An Essay on Celilo Falls by H.L. Davis
  39. I Voted to Stay as a Remaining Member – A Klamath Termination Oral History by Delphine Jackson
  40. A False Abundance – Melissa Madenski
  41. A Single Throw of the Dice – An Essay on Oregon for the Curious by Ralph Friedman
  42. Foul Strangers in Oregon’s Paradise – A Television Documentary on Pollution by KGW TV
  43. The Stone Oregon Era – Matt Love
  44. Letters to Beaverton – Dennis Jones
  45. Authorized as a Safety Valve – A Speech Explaining the Need for a Rock Festival by Governor Tom McCall
  46. Then Go Home – News and Commentary on the James G. Blaine Society
  47. TriMet Summer – Steve Anderson
  48. Preserve and Conserve – Statewide Planning Goals Implemented by Oregon
  49. Woody’s Wife Heard the Word ‘Tilth’ – The History of Oregon Tilth by Sunbow Farm
  50. My Oregon Sporting Life – Bill Rhoades
  51. The World They Have Left Behind – A Feature Article on an Oregon Commune by John Stickney and John Olson
  52. The Fifth Wave – A Feature Article on an Oregon Commune by Rick Rubin
  53. Mainstreaming Cannabis – Alicia Williamson
  54. We are NOT “Ecology Freaks” – A Letter Protesting a Proposed Nuclear Power Plant by Goodwin Harding
  55. A Shining Moment on Mt. Hood – Joe Kurmaskie
  56. Lake Electric – Miri Goldade
  57. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, August 17, 1991 – Henk Pander
  58. Typical of Our Loggers – A Column on Sometimes a Great Notion (the film) by Grace Castle
  59. Hornswoggling – Ken Babbs
  60. How it All Came Together – A History of the Oregon Media Referendum by Ken Kesey
  61. Give Me the Damn Letter – A Memoir on the Birth of the Portland Trail Blazers by Harry Glickman
  62. I’ll Meet You by the Giant Microbes – Bart King
  63. It Was a Beautiful Visit – An Essay on Meeting a Mount Angel Abbey Monk by Larry D.B. Smith
  64. Risk in Rep – Charles Deemer
  65. The “Si Se Puede” System – An Educational Philosophy by Colegio Cesar Chavez
  66. An Inspiration For All Those Who Wish to Excel in Life – A Joint Resolution Honoring Steve Prefontaine by the Oregon Legislature
  67. Antaeus Revealed – Doug Winn
  68. Next Year I Think That I Will Train – A Memoir of Running the Hood To Coast Relay by Heidi Swift
  69. Mac Court – Jeff Baker
  70. Perfect Day, Perfect Venue, Perfect Vibe – Concert Notes and a Set List for a Grateful Dead show at the Oregon Country Fair
  71. La-La Land – Kassten Alonso
  72. Beyond the Earth’s Confines – An Invitation to a Meeting by Bo and Peep
  73. The Big Blow – Shelley Washburn
  74. The Waves Hit About Midnight – An Article on the Tsunami that Struck Oregon
  75. Tcha teemanwi, Place Where the Spirits Dwell – Dorothy Blackcrow Mack
  76. We Need to Be Recognized – A Statement in Support of Siletz Tribal Restoration by Sister Francella Mary Griggs
  77. A Huntin’ We Will Go – David Milholland
  78. Paisley Afternoon – Joanna Rose
  79. Gunslingers, Dudes and the Future of Oregon Beef – Nora Robertson
  80. “Let’er Buck, Show Me Your Tits!” – A Memoir of Attending the Pendleton Round-up by Technogrrrl
  81. My Summer with Ernie and Mo – William G. Robbins
  82. He Was Up – An Eyewitness Account of the First Tree Sit by Ron Huber
  83. The Last Log – Ellen Waterston
  84. The Roads – Amber Nortness
  85. To Preserve a System of Relationships – A Statement in Defense of Wilderness by Barry Lopez
  86. Moving North – Shannon Carson
  87. Fear in Madras – A Report on the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his Followers by Kirk Braun
  88. An Ale Tale – Brian Doyle
  89. Except Points – An Article on a Civil War Football Game by Steve Brandon
  90. The Mayor’s Ball – Billy Hults
  91. Which Are Very Obscene – An Investigation of “Louie Louie” by the FBI
  92. 721 Main Street – Tom Webb
  93. Oregon State Fair – J. R. Williams
  94. Welcomed, Encouraged and Protected in Oregon – A Joint Resolution Supporting Language Diversity by the Oregon Legislature
  95. Portland’s Most Unusual Church – David Kohl
  96. Setting a Standard for Oregon’ Youth – A Measure Appearing on the Oregon Ballot
  97. Satyricon – Brandon Lieberman
  98. Of This Oregon Heartland – An Article About a Portland Rock Band by Marshall Gooch
  99. Riding Jessica – Haley Church
  100. In Your Wisdom – A Prayer For Understanding in the Klamath Basin Water Crisis by Pastor Tim Herzfeldt-Kamprath
  101. The Battle for Canemah Bluff – David Hedges
  102. She is a Sexy Thing – A Diary Entry by U.S. Senator Bob Packwood
  103. Pussy Fever – Cheryl Strayed
  104. Sauvie Island Heat – Juliana Tobón
  105. Collateral Damage – Evelyn Sharenov
  106. I Shall Not – A Speech in Opposition to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by U.S. Senator Wayne Morse
  107. When the War Came Home to Lincoln County – Carla Perry
  108. To the Collection Area – A Procedure for Student Athlete Drug Testing by the Oregon Health Science University
  109. Different Drummers – Kathy Pape
  110. Soft Parade, Hard Nipples – Andrew Rodman
  111. Morgan and the Pig – An Essay on Portland’s Emerging Food Culture by Matthew Stadler
  112. The Hands that Feed You – Erin Ergenbright
  113. No More Than Six Video Lottery Terminals – A Law Regulating State Gambling
  114. What Hath U’ren Wrought? The Oregon System, Then and Now – Peter Wong
  115. I Accept Full Moral Responsibility for My Actions – A Form Requesting Physician-assisted Suicide Required by the State
  116. Stomping Ground – Monica Drake
  117. Room of Forgotten Souls – A Press Release on Returning Ashes to Relatives by the Oregon Department of Human Services
  118. Reconsidering Beavers, Square Dancing and Milk – Joanna Miller
  119. Saving Nestucca Spit: An Epilogue – Matt Love
  120. The Future Needs of the People of Oregon – A Speech in Opposition to the Nestucca Spit Highway by State Treasurer Bob Straub
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  • Acknowledgments
  • Dear Stewart Holbrook – Matt Love
  • A Final Oregon Poem by William Stafford