A Nice Piece of Astoria

A Nice Piece of Astoria


Nestucca Spit Press announces the release of A Nice Piece of Astoria: A Narrative Guide by Matt Love.

For 15 years the mighty Columbia River knocked, asking author Matt Love, “When are you coming to Astoria? There’s something uniquely old and new in combination here.” On November 16, 2013 he finally answered and moved to the oldest American city west of the Rockies. A year later, Love completed A Nice Piece of Astoria: A Narrative Guide.


He never even intended on writing a book. “The city’s wonders and eccentricities practically dragooned me into writing it,” said Love. “I’ve lived on the Oregon Coast for 18 years and written a lot about coastal subjects, but nothing has inspired me quite like Astoria. There is something very exciting going on here. You can feel it if you’re paying attention.”

A Nice Piece of Astoria is a 209-page work of creative non-fiction that examines and updates the new and classic stories of Astoria. The book blends an eclectic variety of literary genres, including memoir, history, essay, vignette, reportage, guide, criticism, satire, stream of consciousness, meditation, review, commentary, and polemic.

In the book, Love tours you through Astoria’s beer, bars, taverns, The Goonies, Lewis and Clark, sea lions, rain, salmon, coffee, Vikings, paperboys, professional wrestling, strippers, the Column, the Clatsop County Fair, the Columbia River, gentrification, hipsters, parks, The Ship Report and his first year in town. The book includes a preface by Meriwether Lewis.