Oregon Coast Christmas Tales

By Matt Love

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Psilocybin Santa

So many people suffer as the holidays approach . . .

A neglected boy. A struggling single mom. An addled nurse. A depressed urban couple. A greedy developer. A suicidal young woman. A meth addict. A phony writer. A table of Trump fanatics. A forlorn newspaper staff. A homeless man in a wheelchair. A frustrated teacher. A teenager who has never seen the ocean. Thirteen stories of despair, delusion and dislocation.

They all desperately need some Christmas magic for total transformations of mind, body and spirit.

The Oregon Coast will deliver it.

In Oregon Coast Christmas Tales, author Matt Love tours readers through the lives of the troubled and unfulfilled, the mighty and the marginalized, the lost and the loveless, and lights up their souls with the spirit of Christmas.

A special limited print edition of 300 copies sold exclusively on this site and at select Oregon bookstores.

The book will cost $20 ($5 dollars for shipping.) Signed with a holiday bookmark.

I also have a special price for purchasing two copies. If you buy directly from the website, you receive a signed edition, special bookmark and a bonus Christmas story called “Psilocybin Santa.”

Special deal for two books $30 ($5 shipping) Signed with holiday bookmarks.