Nestucca Spit Press Meditations Blog

I started the blog in 2017 after my life took an unforeseen direction that ended my professional, personal and creative life as I knew it. As the blog unfolded, I saw my writing head in surprising directions and I connected with readers from all over the world who seemed interested in what I had to say about beaches, oceans, dive bars, rain, rivers, clearcuts, dogs, elk, birds, books, writing, tennis, fiction, driftwood forts, poetry, probation, rapprochement, reinvention, Oregon history, metaphors, macrame and a lot more. Who knows where year two of the blog will journey? Thank you for joining me.

I hope readers can make a financial contribution to support this ongoing editorial endeavor. It will make a big difference in keeping me going as a writer and NSP as a unique Oregon publisher. Give what you can. Spread the word, too.

Matt Love

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