NSP Limited!

Friends of Nestucca Spit Press

I am proud to announce the launch of an exciting business venture for Nestucca Spit Press—NSP Limited.

It features a line of small-scale productions about the state of Oregon. These productions include books, pamphlets, chapbooks, buttons, bookmarks, patches, totes, stickers, zines and more. They all exude a quintessential maverick Oregon quality and are available through the NSP Limited web site, select bookstores and shops and live shows. Please support this new direction for Nestucca Spit Press. I think it's the just the beginning of a creative revolution for Oregon publishing.

The web site is http://www.nsp-limited.com/

Matt Love, 
Founder and Publisher of Nestucca Spit Press


The Gigging Life

Lessons Learned on the Literary Road

Dear Friends of Nestucca Spit Press:

I’m announcing the limited edition pre-sale of my latest book, The Gigging Life: Lessons Learned on the Literary Road.

After a thousand shows and over half a million miles around the state, I’ve connected to a readership like no other Oregon author of my generation. It’s been a far out journey that featured special appearances by Maurice Lucas, Cheryl Strayed, Psycho Sailor, Oregon State Penitentiary, Ken Kesey, Vortex I, Ted Nugent, Legion of the Rock, Tom McCall, Jim Harrison, Beaver Man, Paul Newman, a tweaker’s ass and many more.

I’ve learned a lot in the course of this journey and believe these lessons might apply to other creative entrepreneurs. From building an audience to getting bumped by a speaking mime troupe, I’ve found that the most important lesson is to take your passion to the people. They always respond.

Here’s an excerpt:

When the gigging gets weird, the gigger turns pro. And if you gig long enough, some of the gigs turn weird. That’s why you lay off the sauce—for composure in the unsettling form of a deranged woman in a housecoat in a public library holding a fistful of shells from dead sea snails as a token of love. On the other hand, I could use a double belt of Cutty Sark right now to brace my nerves.

The limited edition presale package costs $25 and includes a signed and numbered book, handmade bookmark, button set and bonus essay. Only 100 copies of the limited edition are available. If you prefer to pay by check, send one to 394 Atlantic St. Astoria, Oregon 97103.

Thank you for your support of independent Oregon publishing.

Matt Love, Publisher of Nestucca Spit Press