The Great Birthright

An Oregon Novel

Nestucca Spit Press announces the release of The Great Birthright: An Oregon Novel, by Matt Love. In his fiction debut, Love bends and twists the detective novel genre with hilarious, unexpected and political results. The premise: a Los Angeles developer is trying to privatize Oregon’s publicly-owned beaches, its vaunted “great birthright,” and only one washed up detective and self published writer can stop him.

In The Great Birthright, a slick and tanned Los Angeles developer, Ronald Ryan, colludes with medieval US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to have Oregon’s famous 1967 Beach Bill declared unconstitutional. Once the Beach Bill disappears into the ashbin of history, say “hello” to the New Jersey and Malibufication of Oregon’s beaches: boardwalks, espresso stands, security guards, fences, no dogs, no bonfires, no fort building, NO TRESPASSING signs. Welcome to hell. 

Matt Love, a writer and teacher living on the Oregon Coast, catches wind of the conspiracy and enlists a private detective for help. The detective, Tom West, has given up on life, lives in a trailer, hangs out the Mad Dog Country Tavern, and drinks Rainier all day. Love convinces West to join the cause, and together they hatch an outrageous plan to crush their foes by unleashing a weapon of mass destruction against privatization—Oregon’s unique and passionate relationship to its “great birthright.” 

“When someone finishes this novel,” said Love, “I hope the reader is ready to go to war to protect our beaches.”

The Great Birthright includes 37 photographs, a candid admission that most of the novel was written on the taxpayer’s dime, a bibliography, and an unprecedented call to action for Oregonians to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beach Bill on July 7, 2017. The novel costs $20 and shipping is $4. If you prefer not to purchase by Paypal, please contact Nestucca Spit Press through the web site. 

Every purchase of The Great Birthright includes a replica of a bumper sticker from Governor Tom McCall’s 1970 re-election campaign. 

$20 plus $4 shipping


The Great Birthright

The Great Birthright: An Oregon Novel

($4 Shipping & handling)

 McCall Bumper Sticker

A Nice Piece of Astoria

Dear Friend of Nestucca Spit Press:

For 15 years the mighty river knocked: Matt, when are you coming to Astoria? There’s something uniquely old and new in combination here. In 2013, I finally answered and moved.

A year later, I completed a book about the city. It’s called A Nice Piece of Astoria: A Narrative Guide. In this guide, I will tour you through beer, bars, taverns, The Goonies, Lewis and Clark, sea lions, rain, salmon, coffee, Vikings, asses, paperboys, professional wrestling, strippers, the Column, the Clatsop County Fair, a river, gentrification, hipsters, parks, The Ship Report and my first year in town.

The special signed edition of A Nice Piece of Astoria costs $50 and includes a bonus essay, a laminated bookmark constructed from a circa 1930s Astoria High School yearbook, and a music CD by local band Toothy Gazelle that will blow your mind with its songs about Astoria. Only 50 copies of the special edition exist. The signed regular edition costs $20 with $4 shipping and handling.

Special Edition $50 (Free shipping)

If you prefer paying by check rather than paypal, send an email for confirmation and a check to 388 Altadena Avenue, Astoria, Oregon 97103

Thanks for the direct purchase of the regular or special edition of A Nice Piece of Astoria. By doing so, you help Nestucca Spit Press support its editorial mission of producing sustainable Oregon literature. Sustainable literature calls for books conceived, written, designed and printed in the state and distributed exclusively through the web site, independent bookstores and at live events.

Matt Love


A Nice Piece of Astoria

A Nice Piece of Astoria

A Narrative Guide

Regular Edition $20
($4 Shipping & handling)



A couple of years ago I asked the question: what if iconic Oregon Governor Tom McCall had become president of the United States instead of Ronald Reagan.

I don’t have to wonder any longer, and you don’t either. That’s because my friend, Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Hall, has written the greatest political novel in Oregon history. In the pages of McCallandia, Nestucca Spit Press’ first published work of fiction, you’ll visit a world where Tom McCall is Nixon’s successor. President McCall brings his unique style, candor and environmental ethic to Washington, and the world changes. For the better.

Matt Love

McCallandia is also available as eBook, the first eBook from Nestucca Spit Press. If you buy the eBook, you will receive a confirmation email with the book in the two most common eBook formats attached. You should be familiar with the procedure for sending a document to your e-reader or tablet before purchasing the eBook; otherwise, the print edition is probably the best choice for you. If you do not receive the confirming email, please contact author Bill Hall directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The regular print edition is $20. There’s also a special signed edition for $50, limited to fifty copies.

By purchasing the special edition, you will receive a free download of the eBook; a commemorative book mark; a reproduction of a McCall campaign bumper sticker, AND entry in a drawing to win a copy of Tom McCall’s autobiography, Maverick, SIGNED by Tom McCall himself! Two copies are available, so you will have a 1 in 25 chance to win. If you prefer to pay by check, send it to Bill Hall at PO Box 465, Newport, OR 97365.

Special Edition $50 ($4 Shipping)


Regular Edition $20 ($4 Shipping)

Purchase eBook Edition $14.99

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