Oregon Tavern Age: Hunter Biden

The country was drowning deep in shit, people were dying of the virus, losing their homes in the wake of financial catastrophe, whipping up absurd conspiracy after absurd conspiracy, a toxic campaign of historic proportions was underway, the Republicans were scheming to block citizens from voting and ramming a religious nut through to a seat on the Supreme Court, and an Oregon Tavern Age man in Oregon Tavern Age country was railing against Hunter Biden’s and his laptop that undoubtedly contained secrets that would bring down his old man’s campaign. Hunter Biden! Hunter Biden! The OTA man went from railing to frothing and then beyond frothing to wherever this is, most likely to an institution.

I watched his performance from a table while I sipped a local IPA. Nothing like an IPA to watch a farce of a human mind parroting exactly what he had seen earlier that morning on Fox News. Not even a couple beers could slow him down. This is what passes for conservative intellectual thought these days. It didn’t used to be that way.

I know the OTA man. He’s a nice guy and a kindly pool shark. We’ve infrequently talked politics. We agreed on the bipartisanship nature or protecting the right to vote and making it easier to vote. We agreed until later he said the mail balloting he’d used the past 30 years in Oregon suddenly was riddled with fraud because it was all over the news. Everything he knows is derived from Fox News which means he knows less than nothing. It was so easy to be filled up with gas.

I was about ready to ask him if they should reopen the investigation into Hilary’s server and Benghazi before the election, but I didn’t. I was about ready to ask him about Trump’s corruption connected to the Teapot Dome scandal. There is one you know, I can send you a link to it that proves the connection.

Hunter Biden! Hunter Biden! I couldn’t take his ravings anymore and left. I walked out of the joint and saw my friend Tupac riding his unicycle and smoking the world’s largest blunt right out there in public. No one cared because America was falling apart and it was all Hunter Biden’s fault.