Dear Readers:

In 2016/17 my life took an unexpected direction that ended my professional, personal and creative life as I knew it. I lost a lot, but found much, too. In this blog, I will meditate on that experience, perhaps figuring out ways to rebuild and reinvent myself. I will also write about other subjects that interest and intersect with me or that connect to the primary mission of Nestucca Spit Press, which is having writers explore all things uniquely Oregon. At times, other NSP correspondents will join me on this blog because I want to keep publishing other voices, new and old, lost and found.

I hope readers can make a financial contribution to support this new editorial endeavor and help writers do their work. Give what you can and collaborate with us. Spread the word, too.

Feel free to reach me through the web site if you have any questions/comments or want to arrange a contribution via other means than PayPal.

Matt Love

Founder and Publisher, Nestucca Spit Press