Working for the Weekend

I was out laboring outdoors under the morning sun, mowing here and there, hauling this and that, when Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” jolted into my mind.

Why do certain songs such as this one materialize in my mind while performing physical labor? They certainly don’t show up during white collar work.

I started singing the song with gusto. It was like the goddamn Sound of Music and running down the hill! I surprised myself by knowing all the lyrics, not just the chorus.

You wanna a piece of my heart?

You got it right from the start…

I remembered my one and only personal moment connected to this song, a somewhat strange assignation with a girl named L 37 years ago! She went wild to the song, or insane might be a better word.

“Working for the Weekend” is a song without a shred of irony. Everyone is working for the weekend in America (although Loverboy was a Canadian band!) and when they survive to the weekend they are going to partaaaaaaaaay down—hard! The song is a party anthem. It has a great bridge. It’s fun. It’s sexy in an 80s way.

But why did it come to me while performing physical labor in nature? I certainly wasn’t working for the weekend, although the weekend was coming (it was a Thursday). What is a weekend? I haven’t known for years.