Secret Coast Radio #24

Welcome to the Secret Coast Radio podcast broadcasting somewhere on the Secret Coast

Let us begin by saying:

We prefer the first person plural over the singular.

We prefer mystery over journalism.

We prefer woolen shirts over woolen minds.

We prefer the act of encouraging voting instead of suppressing it.

We prefer nature’s medicine to treat depression and trauma over quack cures advertised on television.

We prefer giving gifts over receiving them.

We prefer clean and well ordered garages and shops over ones in total chaos.

We prefer strolling in old cemeteries over sitting in new churches.

We prefer in believing in sound public health measures over believing they are the product of conspiracies so stupid an American should be embarrassed to utter them in public.

We prefer courtesy over contention, candor over cornpone, kind over cagey, cutoffs over khakis.

We prefer socialism over the sloth of inherited wealth and people who actually understand the definition of socialism over those who don’t have a clue what it is.

We prefer collaboration and collegiality over what passes for national governance today.

We appreciate how hard so many people are struggling during the pandemic over those who don’t care.

What is this podcast about? Who are we?

Like we said, mystery over journalism.

Let show number 24 begin.

The link to the show is: