Hope is Kindled (The Kids Might Be Alright)

It was noon on Friday. I sat in a library reading periodicals. I noticed a boy, ten or so, with his brother, seven or eight, standing at the counter checking out something. The librarian returned from a back room holding a Monopoly board game! She placed it in a bag and handed it to the boy. He produced his library card and checked it out. Another librarian emerged from the back room with two small pizza boxes and a 32-ounce bottle of root beer. I guessed it was some kind of initiative to feed kids and get them to visit the library. The younger brother loaded up his bag with the pizzas and root beer. They slung their bags across their backs and walked out of the library, into the sunshine, and presumably to home to play Monopoly, eat pizza and drink root beer that afternoon, and how knows, maybe all night. A Monopoly marathon!

To paraphrase an immortal line from The Who, the kids might be alright.