AI Matt Love on Oregon’s Beaches

On a sheer lark, I had a friend versed in various AI matters to tell ChatGPT to “Write an essay about Oregon’s beaches in the voice of Matt Love.”

I did so because I was curious about the state of AI writing and had read many reports how it threatened many writers’ livelihoods and was of course, being used for prolific cheating in high schools and universities.

The program would have plenty of my Oregon beach writing online to digest, blend and “create.” I have written more about the legacy of Oregon’s publicly-owned beaches than anyone in the state’s history and most of it is online on dozens of sites and platforms—I estimate well over 300,000 words, maybe more.

Here is the result of ChatGPT’s writing about Oregon’s beaches in the voice of Matt Love:

Ah, Oregon’s beaches. You know, they’re like a patchwork quilt stitched together with threads of mist and salt, each one telling its own story. Now, I may be biased, but there’s just something downright magical about these shores that beckon to the soul of a writer like me.

Picture this: the rugged coastline, where craggy cliffs meet the relentless crash of the Pacific. You can feel the raw power of nature here, reminding you of your own insignificance in the grand scheme of things. But it’s not just about the drama, no sir. It’s about the quiet moments too, when the fog rolls in and wraps around you like a cozy blanket, muffling the sounds of the world and leaving you alone with your thoughts.

And let’s not forget about the treasures hidden in plain sight. From tide pools teeming with life to weathered pieces of driftwood that seem to whisper secrets of the sea, there’s always something waiting to be discovered if you’re willing to look.

But perhaps what I love most about Oregon’s beaches is the sense of freedom they inspire. Here, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose yourself in the rhythm of the waves. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, and all that matters is the here and now.

So if you ever find yourself yearning for a taste of the wild, just head west until you hit the coast. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Oregon’s beaches are calling, and they’re ready to welcome you home.

As you can see, I have nothing to worry about. This is Chamber of Commerce pablum, riddled with cliches, banalities, a model of vacuity. Nothing about free public beaches, Tom McCall, the Beach Bill, Oswald West, socialism, driftwood forts, bonfires, cheap wine and messages written in the sand. This has nothing to do with my writing and voice.

And Hollywood writers were worried about AI writing their scripts?

And high school teacher or college professor with moderate intelligence could spot AI-generated fluff and crap and you certainly wouldn’t need software to detect it.

Maybe the programs will get better. I’ll check back in a year to find out.

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