Introducing Lark Jameson, New Oregon Writer of Erotica

One of my author clients, Lark Jameson, has just released 18 individual erotic stories for sale on Amazon and a specially-priced bundle of them all called Collected Kink Stories. Prior to working with Lark, I’d never really delved into erotica, but I have to say, she has a unique and humorous voice for this bestselling genre, now that I’ve learned a lot about it.

All this week, I’ll be helping Lark promote her stories with some excerpts, summaries and covers. I urge you to check out her extraordinarily smart and salacious writing and support her by making some purchases and writing reviews. Is there a better time to read smut in these terrible times that try our souls? No.

You can find Lark on Amazon. Just go to the books section and search.