I saw a new RV with the most baffling of names: Intent. It was white and boxy and had license plates from a knuckledragger state. Intent? That makes no sense to me. Why not Intention or Intending? Does the owner actually have intent with this rig? Was it the title that sold it? What is the intent of contemporary America. Is it to get back to normal when the normal was murdering the planet, facilitating even greater concentration of wealth, exploiting/killing people of color, generally undermining every single soul in the nation, of the people that actually have one. Many do not.

Intent as a word conveys an attempt at something. It does not supply a happy or sad or even mediocre outcome to the attempt. There is something important or banal in this weird brand name that I have yet to fully consider and determine meaning for the larger story of what’s going on these days. I think these old and new RV names are like tea leaves. They must be read by a soothsayer or a novelist and interpreted. I will keep trying. I know something will cohere soon.