A Little About Lark Jameson, Writer

All this week I’ll be promoting the work of one of my author clients, Lark Jameson, who has written some truly outrageous and thought provoking erotica, set in the great Pacific Northwest.

Her biography in her own words:

My interest in writing erotica began, when as a teenager in the 2000s, I discovered my Grandfather’s stash of Penthouse magazines from the 1970s and 1980s in the basement of his Oregon City house. The pictures bored me to death, but reading the “Letters to Penthouse” stories was a titillating experience. These stories were all so absurd, sexy and laced with humor and the occasional sly cultural aside. Sure, it was formula but it worked and collections of these tales sold in the millions. It was erotica for men, something almost totally vanished as a contemporary literary genre. Too much free porn out there caused that, I think. Who wants to read erotica if you can watch the fake real thing on your phone?

I do! And I suspect many others do as well. Isn’t the imagination always the best way to approach hot sex? Instead of a script. Instead of playbook.

Years later after the discovery in the basement, I entered a prestigious MFA program in creative writing and started submitting some erotic tales that were send-ups of the Penthouse formula. My professors couldn’t handle the heat, which made perfect sense because academics are easily the most sexless people in America.

I quit after three weeks and bounced around the Pacific Northwest for several years in my RV called the Prowler and with my rescue mutt called Horndog. I worked as a bartender, road flagger and tree planter and wrote up the stories offered for sale here. In conjunction with this effort, I started my own publishing company, Pacific Coast Smut with its editorial slogan of :Purveyors of only the choicest cuts of straight, socially-conscious erotica. These stories are for straight men and women and for those mature readers who might enjoy sprinkles of humor, satire, romance, cultural or environmental commentary, and the return of some of that classic “Letters to Penthouse” language. (Welcome back schlong and honeypot!)

Thanks for purchasing these tales and supporting an independent writer. It all helps keep me afloat as I work on an full-length erotic novel about the Western author Zane Gray, who was surely the kinkiest writer in American’s uptight sexual history.


Check her out on Amazon books…just search for Lark Jameson. She also did all the cover designs.