Animal Stories

I was sitting in OTA country and I overheard a drunken conversation between three OTAs about their encounters with bats, as in the flying mammals, and not the experience of being beat senseless with a baseball bat in a drunken brawl of some kind.

One story was about hitting a bat with a bus. Another was about camping and a bat in a tent. The final one was about a bat in a boat. All three stories also involved alcohol.

It occurred to me that I had bat story, too. One time a bat flew into my house and I captured it with a sheet and set it free. Alcohol was involved in that story as well.

As I listened to the bat conversation, it also occurred to me that I have a lot of stories involving animals in the wild.

I have a lot of deer and elk stories.

I have a lot of coyote stories, including a supernatural one.

I have four bear stories, including one where I hit one in the head with a broom.

I have one cougar story.

I have a bobcat story.

I have several raccoon stories.

I have two porcupine stories.

I have a dolphin story.

I have a (dead) whale story.

I have loads of seal and sea lion stories.

I have three otter stories.

I have three owl stories.

I have plenty of blue heron, crow, hummingbird, gull, raptor and barn swallow stories.

I have innumerable chipmunk and squirrel stories.

I have multiple beaver stories.

I have two salmon stories.

I have a great bumble bee story.

I went looking for a Bigfoot story but didn’t find one.

I want a fox story.