My New Literary Endeavor: The New American Diaspora

Friends of the Meditations Blog:

I invite you to subscribe to my latest literary endeavor, a newsletter called the New American Diaspora. In this newsletter, I write about observing and interacting with the homeless people in Oregon and also those people who have checked out on conventional American life.

Should you subscribe, the newsletter is emailed to your in-box two or three times a week via Substack, a newsletter platform that is helping writers find a wider audience and generate revenue from their writing.

It works like this: you click on this web site (or cut and paste into your browser)

and it will direct you to the newsletter, where there are several options to subscribe. If you subscribe, each one of the pieces would be emailed to you when I post it. You can also access the archives of previous writings by subscribing. There is no blog or web site or social media outlet to visit. The content comes directly to you. Mine are mostly short reads, but not always.

At some point, I will put up a pay wall for certain content available only to paid subscribers. For the time being, however, the content is free to read in hope that my words will engage your heart and mind and perhaps lead to great notions of understanding and solutions.

Four years ago, I started Meditations. Many of you have read it and became regular readers. I will continue to post there on subjects unrelated to the newsletter, but the blog format has grown outdated, certainly as a model to get paid for writing, and I needed to adapt to the changing market and try generating additional income for my writing on this momentous crisis in our nation.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you can support this endeavor. Please feel free to share this communication to other potential subscribers.

Matt Love