New Nestucca Spit Press Projects

Friends of Nestucca Spit Press

I want to update you on NSP’s latest creative projects and invite your support to assist an independent Oregon publisher during these challenging times for small businesses. Some of these are free to enjoy while others can be purchased directly through the website. Thanks for supporting Nestucca Spit Press.

Matt Love

Pioneer Pride

Pioneer Pride: An Oregon City Memoir is a 20,000-word book published in 500-800-word installments on my Nestucca Spit Press Meditations blog. It chronicles my growing up in Oregon City in the 70s and early 80s and features stories about hackey sack, calligraphy, football, tennis, the Promenade, the mill, journalism, teachers, coaches, text from my journals of in high school, and a personal account of observing and interacting with a unique Christian sect, the Oregon City Followers of Christ Church, or the Kissers.

The book is free to read but I hope readers will consider “purchasing” it through the web site and support a writer at work. To read Pioneer Pride go to:

Vortex e-book

Published in 2004, The Far Out Story of Vortex I, sold out its 2000-copy press run a couple years later. To commemorate Vortex I’s 50th anniversary in 2020, Nestucca Spit Press has produced an E-book version of the book. This E-book version does not include the hundreds of photographs from the original because of their incompatibility with reading on devices and securing permission from the photographers to reprint them in digital form. The book cost $3.99 and the link to it is here:

Psychedelic Chipmunk

A limited edition, handcrafted children’s book for adults about a magic mushroom-eating chipmunk named Jimmy who teaches a would-be writer how to help struggling people all around him and find a voice and purpose for his writing. (Based on a true story.) Cost is $10

Oregon Tavern Age

Oregon Tavern Age (OTA) is a 64-page tabloid size book-with-in-a-magazine featuring original illustrations that culminates 22 years of writing about the crazy and poignant life that unfolds in Oregon Coast’s dive taverns and bars. Cost varies by number of issues purchased.

Secret Coast Radio podcast

Enjoy 20 episodes featuring my observations, stories, poems, musings and original music from the show’s producer. Each show is around 20 minutes long and offers a welcome dose of humor, idealism, wordplay and meditation for these trying times. Totally free! And ad free! To listen to the show go to:

Nestucca Spit Press Writing Curriculum

The Nestucca Spit Press Writing Curriculum features 30 lessons that I developed over the course of my long teaching career and used with great success. They are primarily in nonfiction writing, but also in fiction. Most are thematic in nature. They can be used by secondary classroom teachers, aspiring writers and online writing educators. The subjects are:

Zen Buddhism







Kindness and Gratitude

Sartre Writing (for beginning or experienced writers)

Trips and Journeys



Bikes and Bicycling




Murder Mystery Prompts



Golden Openers (how to begin a piece of writing)



Last Words (about capital punishment)

Creative Writing Questionnaire (for beginning writers)

Writing Inspiration (for beginning writers)

Personal narrative/mini memoir

Creating a detective character

Creating a superhero character


To read more about each lesson and purchase, go to: