Oregon Tavern Age: Shots, Shots, Shots

Shots/Shots/Shots someone yells in OTA country.

Fireball is good says another.

We’ve come a long way since someone first said: fire good.

Someone rings the bell.

Free drinks!

Someone lost $500 on the slots.

$200 left to go.

A B Western plays on TV.

White people in makeup playing Apaches.

Victor Mature looks dumb in war paint.

A fat man is wobbly on a stool.

He’s drinking himself to death.

A drunk says during yesterday’s rainstorm

he took a cot outside

and took a nap in it.

Update on the astronauts in space.

Who gives a shit?

It’s as irrelevant as it was in 1969.

Someone plays death metal on the jukebox.

It’s not the music the world needs right now.

What is that music?