What Does it Augur?

What does it augur when you…

Stare eye-to-eye at eye-level with a female bald eagle for five minutes perched on a sign ten feet away?

Find 25 sand dollars on a single stroll in the exact same place you found ten sand dollars exactly a year ago with someone you dearly love who becomes giddy at finding sand dollars?

See a regal coyote splayed in a shoulder, so fresh from the kill that rigor hadn’t encroached?

Discover a champagne cork and orange dildo resting inside a driftwood fort you made?

See a dog in your mind that you must liberate from a chain and bring back to life on the beach?

Notice an ancient Chevy Suburban, a woman riding a horse, a surfer, a freighter and a sea lion all paralleling one another from south to north?

Write some lines of blank verse on the card of your probation officer?

They all augur well, gloriously well.