Use Your Purchasing Power!


In recent days I’ve gone about using my purchasing power to help independent business/creative entrepreneurs who have taken severe hits due to the Corona virus. I pre-paid for a massage. I contributed to a new podcast started by someone who lost most of their income because of restrictions. I plan on pre-paying for a hair cut. I’m looking into buying a gift certificate to a closed restaurant. I should have tipped a musician who played a wonderful original song online. I will. If you have the means, and many presently do not, consider pre-paying for a service, buying books/music/art/crafts from their creators or distributors such as bookstores. There are lots of services now shut down that could be pre-paid for. Anything to help people who are struggling or soon to be struggling. I want to thank those people who have purchased Nestuuca Spit press books/publications this past week or so. It has enabled me to support other entrepreneurs. We’re all in this together.