Secret Coast Radio #22

Welcome to the Secret Coast Radio podcast broadcasting somewhere on the Secret Coast

Let us begin by saying:

We prefer the first person plural over the singular.

We prefer mystery over journalism.

We prefer the milk of human kindness over milk and drinking scotch over scotching ideas.

We prefer books over tweets, sashaying over plodding, soothsaying over subterfuge.

We prefer lakes over listlessness, naps over nitpicking and toppling live dictators over toppling the statues of dead dictators.

We prefer drinking rose on the lawn over squirting herbicide on the lawn. Weeds are fun and attract bees!

We prefer artists who paint beavers on beaverwood over artists who paint beavers on canvas.

We prefer barbecuing egg plant over barbecuing animal flesh.

We prefer believing in the wonder of the stars and oceans over wondering if eating wafers and drinking grape juice has any spiritual significance.

We prefer playing the harmonica over courting disharmony, delighting others over debasing them.

What is this podcast about? Who are we?

Like we said, mystery over journalism.

Let show number 22 begin.

The link to the show is: