RV Park Christmas (Part 7)

Stepping inside the RV, a 24-footer, Daisy found herself transported to 1986, the year of the Vixen’s birth. The colors were light brown and darker brown. Yellow linen drapes. Plush cream-colored carpeting. A double bed in in the rear, four-person dinette, mini couch, sink, kitchen, shower, a double closet, an overhead 13-inch TV with VCR, a cabinet radio and cassette with four speakers around the rig, the works! And it was spotless, with a slight tinge of cigarette smoke. Lorna must have smoked at some point. Hell yes!

Daisy thought it about the coolest interior space she’d ever seen. What was not to love? Sure, it was small, but what did you really need? Or more importantly, what did you not need? Those questions instantly popped into Daisy’s mind and she started answering them right there.

She whipped out her phone and texted a resignation to her supervisor. She apologized for the short notice but the family emergency (hers) had become much more critical and she had no choice but to help out family (herself).

Daisy made a further inspection of the interior. The bed was a bit lumpy but serviceable. The couch cozy. She turned on the propane of the four-burner stove and it whizzed on. She cranked on the overhead electric heater and it blasted out warmth. She punched on the radio and hit play on the cassette. Out came Dolly Parton! Under the sink, Daisy found a tiny coffeemaker—Lorna’s coffeemaker! No doubt she drank Yuban by the gallon.

I’m living here, thought Daisy. This is going to be my new home.

Daisy bounded out of the Vixen and sprinted to the office. She threw open the door and said to a startled Bruce, “I’ll take it! I can get the money to you later today.”

“I’m asking $7500 for it,” he said.

“Done. Can I move in today?”


Bruce then went through the various monthly pricing options in the park. Daisy decided she wanted a space near the tent camping areas and fire pits and Bruce said he’d move it right away.

Daisy looked at Bruce with confusion. Then she got it. The Vixen was an RV! It was mobile!

“How does it drive,” she said.

“Absolutely incredible, said Bruce, “and Lorna kept the engine serviced annually, even though the rig never left the park. I think it has less than 25,000 miles on it. It drives like a dream. I’ll show you later.”

“Sounds great. I’m going to load some of Lorna’s clothes into it before you move it,” said Daisy.

“That sounds fine,” said Bruce, and he shook hands with Daisy to seal the deal.

Daisy stepped outside the office and clapped her hands in joy and did a little jig. She figured the cost of the Vixen and three months rent at the park would leave her with a couple thousand bucks. And she had just quit her job.

Oh well, she thought. Time to get to work, whatever that was going to be.