Roasting Cans and Bottles

One of the great vexing mysteries of Oregon Coast beach life is: why do some people who have beach fires roast up their empty cans and bottles of beer, liquor or energy drinks in the fire?

I encountered such a sight the other day on one of my meanderings. I saw a magnificent fort, went to investigate, ducked inside a real spacious beauty with a roof, windows, and a sleeping/make out/pass out/sex alcove, and found a fire pit with five or six roasted cans of beer. Why? Why? Why? It makes no sense. I love that these people, most certainly locals, are outlaw partying in unique Oregon style on their socialist beaches in the midst of a quarantine. But why burn up the cans and bottles? There is certainly no aesthetic effect. It can’t smell good and actually ruins the soothing smell of wood smoke. Do they get some kind of weird kick from it? Is it fun? Is this primarily a dumb dude thing? What the hell is going on?