Corona Virus Thoughts #4

The headline read:

All of these celebrity Earth Day posts are helping us get through quarantine

Sure they are. Lizzo and J-Lo. Something called a Bieber and a Britney.

Who are these beautiful people? Why are they scantily clad in nature living the high life and showing us this? Why are some of them getting 2.5 million likes on their posts? Who are the people liking this?

I just heard that certain celebrities are going to post videos or go Zoom or whatever to honor the class of 2020. What did they do before Corona for graduating seniors? Nothing. I am so sick of this country trying to enact social change via celebrities. Yes, Harry Belafonte and Ali and others were prominent in the Civil Rights era, the marches and such, really putting their asses on the line. But they weren’t the leaders, they didn’t show themselves in skimpy outfits or in their garish mansions or drinking champagne on their yachts, and we didn’t look to them as oracles. They largely remained silent, well not Ali, but he was special. I really don’t know what has happened to us.

A new headline on Yahoo News, right after the one about we just passed 65,000 Corona Virus deaths, read:

Welp, Here’s Kylie Jenner Twerking on Camera for the First Time

The comments were blistering. There is hope in that, I guess. But there were also a half million views and as many likes.

Another headline read.

Lisa Rinna Just Shared A Butt Selfie On Instagram, And It’s All For A Good Cause

I don’t know who this person is. I don’t know what this headline means. I don’t go looking for these headlines. They just appears on my screen as I try to find news and commentary. I will say whoever this person is had been disfigured by plastic surgery, her face that is. I didn’t see the butt selfie.

Am I starting to lose my mind? I don’t think so. Others are, for sure.