Recent Scenes from the Homeless

A bedraggled man bicycling and towing a baby carrier full of cans and bottles. Two fishing poles were stuffed inside the load as well. I really wanted to talk fishing with him.

A elderly man and his dog were sound asleep in a plush chair of a furniture display in the middle of Fred Meyer. His possessions were next to him. No one seemed to mind.

A large sunburned man was unloading a huge box of loose Christmas lights from a battered truck. The truck was near the man’s bombed-out RV. Presumably the lights were meant for decorating the RV.

A pulley-like contraption atop a two storey plywood, pallet shanty that was roped around a branch of a tree. It was a dumb waiter of some kind.

An elderly, vacant and bearded man rolling up a tattered green sleeping bag on a sidewalk. It was the only possession on his person.

A young man passed out in a flower bed.

A couple of undetermined age backpacking through a food pantry line. He had a type of sword strapped to his side.

An older man taking a two-hour nap in the sun on a grassy median between two banks.