Random Scenes

A man kneeling on the floor of a locked thrift store applies deodorant under his left arm. He left hand is clutching a cigarette.

A man pushes an ancient wheelchair through a thrift store, out the front door, and throws it in the back of a pickup.

A very large man sits down on a green, velvety recliner in the middle of a thrift store. It breaks apart and he falls to the floor.

A man pulls his decrepit blue sports car over to a curb, gets out with a spray bottle of cleanser, sprays cleanser on a splatter of gull shit staining the convertible top, wipes away the stain with several intense strokes, gets back in the car, and drives away.

A man successfully answers a rock trivia question and wins a free beer. The answer was Australia.

A man writes a Christmas story where macrame plays a prominent role in the plot.

Don Ho croons a carol over the speakers.

A man toasts his wife at the bar with a shot of vodka, thanking her for putting up with him for 21 years because he knows he’s a dick.

A man marvels at recently falling in love at first site when he helped a woman carry her garbage bag to a dumpster. There is a beautiful metaphor in there somewhere.