Rainbow Wraps (Part 3)

Dani was in the office reading some Lorca poetry at her desk when Brian entered and asked to see the owner of the company.

“I’m the owner,” she said. She didn’t get up.

Brian wasted no time. He introduced himself and his mission and wondered why the company hadn’t responded to the proposal.

Dani didn’t respond. She sized up Brian. There was nothing inside there except Trump and that meant there was really nothing at all. What to do with him?

A great notion entered Dani’s consciousness. It was like a dart the size of a javelin hitting the bullseye of her impish, and mischievous nature. She’d always loved live theater and farce was her favorite. She’d even acted in a few shows in high school and college and was considering auditioning for some community theater comedies.

A show! That was the ticket. They’d put on an unscripted show at the event like no other one seen before in the annals of Oregon Republican Party politics. And unbeknownst to them, the MAGA cro magnons would have the starring role!

One last catering event. Go out a legend like Tom McCall!

“We’ll do it,” said Dani. “For cash. Half up front.”

“You’re kidding,” said Brian. “We never do it that way.”

“Yeah, I know. You never pay. Happens all the time. But not with me.”

“Think of the publicity of this event for your company. That’s easily worth the expense.”

“Cash, up front. In one day.”

Brian was flummoxed. No in the Bible Belt acted this way. He excused himself from the office to confer with his superiors, the ones not under indictment.

His boss was livid at Brian’s ineptitude. But this event was crucial. They had to stick it hard to the Beaver State and elect a Republican Governor. She’d win and then waste no time trying to roll back abortion, gay marriage, cannabis, magic mushrooms, public access to beaches and limitations on clearcutting. She would govern as the anti-thesis of everything Tom McCall represented.

Brian returned to the office and said, “How much to cater the event?”

“Thirty thousand dollars,” said Dani.

“What? That’s absurd!”

“Well you can order 200 buckets of KFC if you want. They come with mashed potatoes, gravy and cole slaw. Perfect for your crowd.”

Brian extricated a check book from his jacket.

“Forget a check,” said Dani. “Cash only. I already said that and I’m tired of repeating it.”

Brian stood there. He was authorized to pay cash in emergencies, like hush money to strippers and “campaign contributions” to bumpkin election officials to rig favorable results, but did this qualify?

“Okay, but the menu is non negotiable. We serve it at every function.”

“Let’s see it.”

He handed it over. She read it and smiled.

“Can I add some shrimp to the jello salad?” said Dani.

“Sure, whatever,” said Brian.

This was going to be so much fun. One big farce with Donald Trump and jello salad to boot!

Oh, and something else, too.

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