Possible Writing Workshop in Portland this Summer

I am thinking of holding an outdoor (non Zoom)writing workshop in Portland this summer in a back yard. I am posting this to see if any writers in the nearby area might be interested in participating. The title of the workshop would be “Firing Up Your Writing Project” and I have taught this class to great success in recent years. The intent is to get you going on a new or stalled project you’ve had in mind. The workshop also works well for musicians or visual artists. The cost would be $20 for a three-hour session. I plan on offering a free slot(s) to a homeless writer or poet. The workshop would cap at 12 persons. The writing is important, of course, but my main goal is bringing together disparate people in a creative setting and letting them interact. I think many of us need that sort of thing right now. If interested, message me through the blog or my email. I think some time in late August might be the date.