Planet of the Apes Jello Shots

A bedraggled man of the streets

walks into the bar.

He orders a Pepsi and coke in a pint glass.

He pays in change.

He drinks it down in three gulps

and says there is a lot of vodka in here.

His sister served him.

His sister is helping him kill himself.

He tipped her.

He’s talking to himself,

about a duck hunt.

He orders a Jello shot,

tangerine mimosa,

he wants three,

but can only order one at a time,

his sister tells him.

She breaks the rules.

He digests three Jello shots and keeps talking.

Another version of Planet of the Apes plays above him.

The apes are kicking human ass.

Jesus I wish it was real.

Just take us over and perhaps we might amount

to something decent in the end.