Kindness and Gratitude Prompts_Possible Submission of Piece for Publication

Ten of us gathered last Saturday in Astoria and went through a wonderful session of writing and discussing kindness and gratitude. This workshop was advance preparation for submitting pieces of prose or poetry on kindness and gratitude for inclusion into a small print publication that will be released in late spring. We dubbed our group The League of Intertidal Writers and everyone seems excited about the prospect of publishing our thoughts and getting them out to the larger world. If someone reading this is interested in submitting a short piece (100 words max), please contact me through the blog. We’d love to have more voices. Should your piece be chosen for publication, there is a small fee to join The League to help defray the printing costs. Below are the prompts we wrote on and discussed in the workshop.

Kindness and Gratitude Prompts (2018) Choose one, several, or all and respond. Merging one or more responses may produce an interesting piece of writing.


  1. An act of kindness you remember
  2. A time you acted in kindness
  3. A time you observed an act of kindness
  4. A future act of kindness you want to perform
  5. A failure of kindness on your part (or our culture)
  6. A need for kindness
  7. Must kindness be acknowledged?
  8. A kind thought
  9. Respond to this: kill them with kindness
  10. Should acts of kindness have desired outcomes?
  11. Random acts of kindness vs strategic ones
  12. Secret kindness
  13. Greatest act of kindness in American history
  14. Can kindness be taught or modeled?
  15. What is best? Quality or quantity when it comes to acts of kindness.
  16. The most simple act of kindness
  17. Is authentic kindness possible through social media, text messaging, email?
  18. What’s a kindness experiment you could implement?
  19. What’s a visual symbol or logo for kindness?


  1. What is gratitude?
  2. Is there a proper or improper way to show or accept gratitude?
  3. Whom or what do you need to thank?
  4. Describe a time you were ungrateful
  5. Does acknowledging gratitude imply indebtedness?
  6. How do you respond to someone who rebuffs your gratitude?
  7. What am I grateful for?
  8. Who or what deserves more gratitude in our culture?
  9. Is there such a thing as gratuitous gratitude?
  10. The first rule of gratitude is…

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