Idea for a New Story: Beaver Town (part 4)

Neil says “Hell Yes!” and rounds up Crazy Horse for a special gig. A month later they rock out at the Acropolis Club on a special stage decorated with beaverwood. The strippers hump beaverwood poles during the show and throw Neil Young-autographed choice cuts of beaverwood to the audience. After the third encore that closes with “Keep on Rocking (Beaverin’) in the Free World” with new lyrics written for occasion, Neil chucks his guitar into Johnson Creek where a crafty beaver chomps it by the neck an hauls it downstream to become part of his lodge! Don’t get no more beaver rock and roll than that!

The show, merchandise, photo booth shots with Bushy, and private dances with the strippers raises $250k and the watershed restoration project begins right away. Hank scores with all the strippers and as previously mentioned, that leads to a brawl between them (season two). Season two will also feature an evil, Evangelical city road planner who wants to condemn the land around the club for a highway bypass. This proposal would destroy the joint and all the restoration efforts. The strippers go to war with the planner (as only they know how to) and who says you can’t fight city hall with beaver to save beavers!!!!!