Headlamp Kindness

A headlamp was burned out. Everyone dreads that moment. You have to go to the auto parts store and buy bulbs, that’s easy and inexpensive enough. But oh, but the prospect of installation. It can be a real bitch. Don’t touch the bulb without gloves. Don’t break the plastic housing. It’s so great that newer model vehicles no longer have screws because then you used to need a screwdriver and invariably you would drop the screws inside the vehicle or on the ground and they were lost forever.

The bearded and burly man at the counter retrieved the bulbs from a labyrinth of shelved parts. Payment was made. The man looked around. No one else was in the store. He offered to install the bulbs provided the car was out front. It was!

The customer registered utter astonishment. This sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore. It just did. The man walked out into the bright sunshine with rubber gloves on and carrying the bulbs. The customer popped the hood and moved in close to inspect the installation. He wanted to learn.

They talked as the procedure began and talked right up until the moment they shook hands at the end.

The man whipped out a knife and popped the headlamp installation on the driver’s side and inserted the bulb. Presto! He did the same on the passenger side. It took all of one minute. The customer slammed down the hood in bliss.

They talked some more.

A supreme and quick and efficient act of kindness moved the customer’s heart and mind into a fabulous restful, positive place. He thanked the man for his kindness. The man said he loved getting outside in the sunshine and helping people. He didn’t want a single person leaving his store feeling angry or dissatisfied because if they did, they would pass that on into their world and leave it a bit more unkind. He was sick of unkindness. He said it wasn’t a main Left or Right or a liberal or conservative thing. He was sick of it all from everywhere, all sides. So he was acting, taking action.