Full Moon Homeless Rider

It’s a full moon, five in the morning.

Elmer and I walk down a path of bark chips.

We spooked the old beaver in the creek.

The heron posed where he always does.

We’re taking a longer walk than usual.

Why not?

It’s a full moon and a sky so clear I can see the Sea of Tranquility.

I hear a crunching noise behind me.

Elmer and I turn.

It’s a homeless man riding

a black bicycle at breakneck speed.

Bark chips fly.

No lights.

Right toward us!

He’s bearded and wearing

a black stocking cap

and black duster.

I jump out of the way and pull Elmer with me.


He says nothing.

The rider veers off to another path.

He leans deep into the turn

like riders do in velodromes.

I watch him cross a bridge

and pop a mini wheelie

under the full moon.

It lights him up like that scene from ET.

Only he’s on the ground,

going somewhere.