Frank Beavers Endorsement from Tom McCall

I have refrained from making political endorsements related to candidates running for various Oregon offices, because, well, I’m dead. Since 1983 to be exact.

But I simply couldn’t stand spinning in my Redmond grave any longer after the recent Republican gubernatorial primary. The final straws were television ads showing a swinging Sandy mayor boast his two daughters (appearing in the ad with him) would never compete in sports with trans athletes and another ad showing a female candidate attacking a female opponent because the opponent had supported the installation of tampon machines inside boys bathrooms.

That was all I could stand so I have somewhat resurrected and heartily endorse independent Frank Beavers for Governor of Oregon. He is the right candidate for the job. He’s not bought and paid for by big timber, Phil Knight or the unions. He’s not insane or deluded. He accepts gravity as a scientific principle. He is truly a lover of the outdoors and loves sculpting beautiful and mesmerizing pieces of wooden art. Yes, we need an artist as chief executive!

Frank Beavers is also the hardest working citizen of Oregon I have ever seen. He never stops working to better himself, his family, community and watershed. He is easily the most ecologically and spiritually attune person I’ve had the privilege of meeting. (We met in a shared dream and drank beer together.)

Yes, Frank Beavers for Governor. He’s very much the candidate we need to heal the dangerous divisions in Oregon. He won’t do it with talk because he doesn’t say a whole lot. He gets things done! He is a creature of ACTION!

Cast your ballot for Frank. Elect him Governor and let me rest in peace goddammit!