Fort Tarot Reading

Some time ago, I nestled with a witch (the good kind) inside a driftwood fort. A tarot reading commenced, my first one, and quite possibly the first tarot reading inside a driftwood fort in the history of the occult.

Red wine was involved.

The witch overturned the cards and took me through the interpretations. I was surprised to learn that a reading is more about the reader asking questions and listening rather than providing stock answers.

I found the process exponentially more helpful than a session with a therapist accredited by the National Therapeutic State. And much cheaper!

I no longer recall any of the exact cards. (Non tarot reading things that happened later have dominated my memory.)

But I do recall the excellent clarity of mind I received from the reading and conversation. I thought about the witch’s insights (among other things) for days, weeks. They are still on my mind.

More tarot readings in driftwood forts!