Corona Virus Thoughts #24

This may very well be my last writing specifically about the Pandemic.

No, the Pandemic isn’t over, although many people and politicians believe that. Some of these same people never believed a virus existed in the first place. A few of them died as a result.

Martyrdom? To what?

One of the reason that this might be the last piece on the subject is that writing about American stupidity is very fatiguing. It leaves you with no energy to write anything else.

We’ll never get to the 70% vaccination rate on 4th of July that Biden wanted. How can we if 14 percent of Americans flat out refuse the vaccine for reasons of conspiracy. This includes first responders, prison guards, cops, members of the clergy and academia, etc. Insane.

God, I’m exhausted writing that last sentence!

States are offering lotteries, giveaways, trips, booze, pot, scholarships, gadgets to entice people to perform a basic civic duty. That’s what citizenship has devolved to in contemporary American life.

But hey, I might win a million smackers!

I recently caught wind of an acquaintance, a reasonably self educated liberal man, who is refusing the vaccine because of Left wing conspiracy theories. I don’t even know what these are, nor do I want to know.

The next phase of American Pandemic madness will be the vaccination card debate.

Thank god my personal, creative, spiritual and recreational life doesn’t necessitate mindless distant travel.

Is it now patriotic to travel to Disneyland and spend lots of money.

Remember when all the pundit class, at least the sane ones not working for Fox News, predicted: we’re never getting back to normal in all these fields of business, work, education, travel, criminal justice, health care, etc., etc…

I don’t think anything is going to change.

The only thing that isn’t going to be the same is the Republican Party is going to up the ante on voter suppression.

The general Pandemic response under Trump was the greatest disgrace in the history of America governing at the federal level. Okay, number two after not abolishing slavery with the Declaration of Independence or Constitution.

I’ve had a pretty good creative run during the Pandemic. I wrote three books and finished a fourth. I doubt I’ll ever have that kind of production again.

As Kurt Vonnegut always wrote…So it goes.


I still have faith in the American people. I really don’t know why. Perhaps the glimpses of kindness and humanity here and there feed this belief (delusion?).

On to other writing subjects. Such as fiction about squirrels and socialist detectives.