Exclamation Point Anniversary!

(This is a poem I wrote for my friends.)

Happy Anniversary Jennifer and Holt!
You deserve a poem with exclamation points !! because your partnership
is an exclamation point!
Even your dog is an exclamation point!

Most people don’t live lives with exclamation points.
But you two do! As one big exclamation point together!
When others see your ! on display, effortlessly I might add,
they want a little ! in their lives.
And if they look closely at you,
they will learn that
people who live their lives with exclamation points,
have them emerge from within.
They cannot be externally contrived
through planning, purchase or pretension.

It’s really quite simple, the exclamation point!
Why in the world do poets disdain them?
Those furrow-browed fools!
They prefer …
which is no way to live
or love!

I just set a world record for the use
of exclamation points in a poem!
See what your exclamation points do!