Corporate Coffee Shop Meth Novel Notes

Heavy rain pounds the corporate coffee shop in the strip mall next to the nail salon and wireless provider.

I walk in an order and the young male barista asks me what I’m doing today. I say I’m writing a novel and he and a couple of other baristas perk up. I say, “I bet you don’t hear that very often in here.”

They all smile and agree with incredible gusto! The barista gets my drip and asks what the novel is about. I tell him it’s a modern Western, and a hard ass social worker is going into a wild meth town and clean it up with fists and guile. And there’s going to be some kink with it, too.

“Wow! I want to read that,” he says. They all do.

So do I!

I was always pretty good at pitching a book idea on the spot.

I sit down at a table with a good rain view.

A break up is underway behind me. A young woman is gaming on her laptop.A young woman comes in and leaves with a box of coffee, presumably for a gathering of some kind.

Two vapers vape outside and move toward the shop.

What do people around here do for a living these days?

A long haired woman wearing jeans and brown cowboy boots busts through the door. She really sashays in. I need that kind of sashaying in the meth novel.

The vapers leave and vape as soon as they hit the parking lot. I follow them as they enter the Dollar Store. I need that image for the Western. Wherever Meth Town is, it will have a Dollar General, or Dollar Store, Dollar Whatever. Lots of shit will go down there. My social worker character will kick some ass in there and send a shelf of Jesus candles flying.