A Brief Meditation on the End of Roe

The news arrived yesterday that the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade by a 6-3 vote and I thought about what that meant to my country. As of this writing, I have no idea. I do know from my long study of American history that massive unforeseen backlashes with terrible consequences occasionally result with momentous changes. Think the election of Barack Obama = election of Donald Trump. End of Reconstruction = resurgence of the KKK. So what will be the unexpected backlash to the Right with this decision? There will be one. I don’t think anyone can predict it yet.

It almost feels beyond comprehension to realize the sequence of historical events the past decade or so: the election of a Black man as President; legalization of gay marriage; legalization of cannabis (in many states); the 2020 summer protests; catastrophic homelessness; a Supreme Court ruling that declared corporations are people; the rise of mass shootings; the election of Donald Trump; the exponential growth and disease of social media; an attempted coup; two impeachment trials; a Pandemic; cataclysmic forest fires, including the one that almost burned down Estacada.

I don’t know where we are headed as a nation, but it seems we’re on the precipice of permanent division. Just think of all the celebratory sermons from the pulpits Sunday morning and the giddy potlucks with casseroles to follow.

And my writing seems increasingly more irrelevant to anything but keeping my creative mind active.