Thoughts on Turning 60

My 60th birthday is today. I don’t feel old. I feel like I’m gaining strength, physically and creatively. I’ve got a new maniacal husky as a sidekick. I have someone in my life who cares a lot about me. I’m working on publishing a book written by my mother. My dad continues to do well in assisted living and our relationship deepens. I have several great friends of the type I’ve never had in my life before. I’ve started cooking meals that are foreign to me. Borscht anyone? I’ve finally let go of the idea that a couple of special people from the past who vanished without a word will ever reappear and explain. My country seems on the precipice of dictatorship and disaster but I know I have the right mind and spirit to survive if that happens. I’ve got money in the bank and have zero debt. I never went on a journey of revenge. Recently, I drove hundreds of miles to honor dead friends. I hold the record for building the most driftwood forts on Oregon Coast’s socialist ocean beaches. And I’m so close to getting my homeless friend into housing after nearly three years of trying.