The One-word Trucker Outreach Writing Project


I seek your assistance in implementing a unique writing project. The idea came to me this morning as I walked along the beach in a pea soup fog. It goes like this:

A stretch of beach I walk daily is situated some 90 feet below Highway 101. The view of the beach from the highway is about a quarter mile long and only visible by truckers, including log truck drivers, sitting high enough in their cabs that they can see over the guard rail and down to the beach.

My idea is to leave regular messages in the sand at the proper low tides that any trucker driving by who happened to look toward the ocean will easily see. The messages will be constructed with kelp, driftwood and a stick in the sand. The messages will change daily or remain the same. I don’t know about that yet.

But what to write? The idea of something overtly political as the election nears is repugnant to me for some reason. I don’t want to profane the beach with that content, but then again, Oregon’s publicly-owned (socialist) beaches are the way they are because of hard core political action.

I thought of haiku but that was too wordy and too pretentious. A big rule of writing: who is your audience?

The answer is one word. I need one word, THE WORD, that truckers will read. I get only that one word to reach this demographic. I make no assumptions as to their politics, although that’s easy to do and yet wrong to do.

What would you suggest that one word be? I have one in mind but want to solicit other notions. Quite possibly, one of them will be great.