The One-word Trucker Outreach Writing Project (part 2)

I chose the word “think” for the project.

I received many interesting suggestions for the one word that only truckers can read as they drive by a certain stretch of sand. Thanks for that.

Why “think?”

Because everywhere around me I see people (and this is not online, I am talking in person) not thinking clearly, rationally, with courtesy and kindness in mind. I see so much utterly unoriginal, obvious, crude, uninformed, ideologically driven, lockstep thinking that isn’t thinking at all. I see this on both sides of the political aisle. I see it in that pernicious statement, “Let me send you a link…” which is beginning to sound like “it’s in the Bible” so that proves Jonah was swallowed by whale and spit out a few days later to do what the Lord asked him to do.

I mean the membership of the Flat Earth Society is increasing! And no, Tupac is not alive pumping gas in Toledo, Oregon, recording a 400-track album.

I am off to the beach to write “think” again, but perhaps I will change my mind. I will be thinking about that.