RV Park Christmas (Part 6)

“I see you found Lorna’s clothes,” he said.

“Lorna?” said Daisy.

“She died a week ago here in the park, in her rig. Cancer. I was with her at the end. She’d been here for 15 years, before I bought the place.”

“Did she have any family?”

Daisy thought she was going to cry because she already knew the answer.

“No. Nothing. We put everything in here to give it away. Take what you want. What doesn’t go, I’ll take into town and load up the thrift stores.”

“Do you know anything about her?”

“She was a rodeo queen and champion rider in her 20s and 30s. She used to mention it. But that’s about all I know.”

“Did you find any photographs of her?”

Daisy was desperate to know what Lorna looked like.

“Not a single one.”

“How old was she?”

“I think in her early 80s.”

“Which RV was hers?”

“The Vixen. What a rig that was! They only made them for three years. A total bust. But she kept it up nice.”

Bruce laughed as he said this.

“Can I see it?”

Daisy had no idea why she’d asked this. She just knew there was a real live human story in progress and she had to dive in. She was coming alive with it. Nothing like this ever happened at work. Or maybe it had and she was too fuzzy to notice.

“Sure, it’s unlocked. It’s empty and ready to sell. We’ve got in on Craig’s List. She signed the title over to me. There was no one else. I kind of feel bad taking it.”

“Don’t feel bad Bruce. You were there at the end.”

Bruce merely nodded and went over to the dryer.

Daisy left and headed straight for the Vixen.