What Excites My Mind

What excites my mind these days:

Receiving letters written in three colors of ink from someone struggling. I know the writing will help.

Helping writers publish their first books.

Amassing the greatest collection of beaverwood in Oregon.

Constructing a beaverwood raft and floating down a river.

Freedom of movement. Freedom of mind.

Working with the incarcerated.

Writing novels.

Having met someone on a mountain.

Building driftwood forts.

Writing about Oregon City.

The prospect of rescuing a dog.

The prospect of working a blue collar job.

Reading Dawn Powell novels.

Listening to old radio programs.

Building community through unique creative collaborations.

Publishing and distributing the OTA stories in an unprecedented Oregon literary format.

Drinking espresso at Earl’s Coffee Shop.

People offering me opportunities.

Exploring rivers.