Twenty Years of Nestucca Spit Press

Twenty years ago this spring I launched Nestucca Spit Press to publish/present Let It Pour, a web site chronicling dive tavern and bars on the Oregon Coast. It finally left this world a year ago after I decided not to renew the domain name. Most of the joints were gone or gentrified anyway.

At the time, I never dreamed that two decades later NSP would have published almost 30 books/publications ranging from poetry to fiction to memoir to history to pamphlets to magazines and sold/distributed almost 40,000 literary items across the region and beyond.

I want to thank all the purchasers and readers of NSP publications. You kept an independent Oregon publisher going, and it was especially important to me as a person during a dark and dangerous time not that long ago. I never stopped writing and the writing took on a different, better path.

In 2022, NSP will publish a fantastic and groundbreaking book of non fiction written by Drew Kaza called High Contrast, set in 1972, about Jefferson High School’s remarkable basketball championship season featuring an all Black team victory over an all white Baker City squad. It was a cultural landmark and a story of racial relations more relevant today than it was 50 years ago.

I have a favor to ask. To support NSP and its unique editorial mission, will you consider purchasing a title through the web site/blog, or make a contribution in support of the blog, or purchase some of the new print and e-book titles available on Amazon. Link here:

Thanks for considering. I look forward to leading NSP into its third decade.

A special thanks to Lena, Amira, Cindy, Shannon, Erin, Pioneer Printing and Brandy for all the help over the years. It always has been, and always will be, a collaborative effort.